Uniteds drömvärvning nu på väg att spricka

Att lära känna boys of vreemdeling

Officiellt: Öster förlänger med mittfältare Superettan-laget Östers IF meddelade på på torsdagen att föreningen har kommit överens med mittfältaren Jonathan Drott, 27, om ett nytt kontrakt över två år. Drott har under den här säsongen varit ordinarie med 25 seriematcher och är inne på sin sjätte säsong i föreningen. Oerhört spännande att få gå in på mitt sjunde år här och Östers IF är en klubb som ligger mig väldigt varmt om hjärtat.


Inom honestly feel like I imagine the kids who witnessed The Beatles at The Cavern felt, it's been one of those key, unique, musical epiphanies that you will always remember. Suffice to say they were brilliant knipa tore the place apart, I wouldn't be surprised if their hands were bloodied from playing so hard knipa with such passion. I picked up a copy of this album at the gig, whilst I very rarely find any band's releases to bedja better than their live show, this is still damn good. What you are getting is authentic rock n roll, so naturally there's a stark Blues influence and a similar vibe to the White Stripes. I also picked up a copy of their debut album 'Mister Asylum', which is a more immediate affair, excellent arsel this release is, I think it'll definitely improve even more with repeat plays. Musically the songs can get heavy and even psychedelic, but there's a nice balance of pace arsel well as some great lyrics along the lines of, 'I wish everyone I knew was dead so that I'd never have to pick up the phone'! You hear a lot of influences within the sonic stew yet they do not sound in the least derivative, they are new, now and a breath of fresh air. If this album doesn't make them huge and I mean Nirvana level huge, I will be shocked. They appear to have everything in place, they look great, have a killer rhythm section in twins Ryan and Rich and frontman Johnny oozes pure star quality.

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