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För att begränsa spridningen av coronaviruset kan sevärdheter vara stängda eller delvis nedlagda. Kontrollera myndigheternas reserekommendationer innan du bokar. WHO övervakar coronaviruset noggrant och mer information finns här.

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No part of this publication may bedja reproduced or transmitted in any design or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the publisher. Introduction Editorial Design will föreställning you how to put the journalistic magic into page design by integrating your knowledge of typography and bild making with the various channels of modern print and digital magazines. My aim in this book is to help you base your own form practice on a firm foundation of knowledge, so in these pages you will find inspiration mixed with fast practical guidance. Put simply, it will show you how to make images and text spark together on screen or on paper. The second upplaga of this book heralds a return to creative editorial design after a flurry of nervous debate following the launch of the iPad in The debate about print versus digital is over and we are now part of a new golden age of magazine design, an eco-system of print media integrated with social media, events, campaigns and mobile media products. Underpinning all these wonderful communication form opportunities are the principles of type, art direction and layout design. Use Chapter 2 for an outline of different editorial formats; Chapters 5 knipa 6 to develop your own form skills; in Chapter 7, you will find profiles of timeless design greats.

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